Hack Your Lighting: Unlock the Secrets of Crazy Cool Wi-Fi LED Strips - Workshop

Want to have those crazy cool colorful animated LED strips that you can't buy in any store?

I’ll show you how to easily make them yourself and amaze your friends!

Join me for 60 minutes and I’ll show you exactly….

👉 What inexpensive parts to purchase easily from online retailers such as Amazon or eBay (You can't buy this at Home Depot or Target!).  

👉 How to connect the electronic parts and upload the free open-source WLED strip software even if you are not a techie! (you will need a PC or Mac for this part)

👉 How to access the WLED software using wifi on a smartphone or computer to control your new crazy cool animated colorful lights!




I have already run this workshop, but you can still enjoy all the information contained within.  I have a recording of the workshop, the slide show, and a spreadsheet with links of all the things to buy.  All for $20.  Best money you'll ever spend! Sign up and you get instant access.


A few of the topics we’ll cover… 

✅ Easy and clever ways to power LED strips

✅ Where and what LED strips to buy from US and Chinese suppliers

✅ Ideas on how to use LED strips for holiday decorations

✅ BONUS: a quick video tutorial on how to solder if you want to.

✅ BONUS: a list of online resources to continue your new LED strip hobby! (they are fun and addictive!)

$20 USD (One Time Payment)

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