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Three-Week Coding in PYTHON

No exercises, no practice lessons, just simple and fun game coding.

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Easily LEARN fundamentals of PYTHON coding.


No boring exercises - only game coding projects.


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Why Python?

(and not some other computer language?)

  👉 Versatility: web development, data analysis, machine learning, automation

  👉 Easy to Learn: Simple syntax, great language for beginners.

  👉 Popular: high demand for skilled Python developers.

  👉 Large Community: a wealth of resources and support.

  👉 Portable:  Windows, Mac, and Linux


GAME projects are the BEST way to learn coding, here's why...

  👾 Fun: coding without feeling overwhelmed or bored

  👾 Hands-on: practical and interactive

  👾 Instant Feedback: quickly see the results of your coding

  👾 Develop Problem-Solving Skills: solve puzzles and overcome challenges

  👾 Motivating: stay engaged and focused


Enroll in Three Week Python Coding TODAY!

Week 1: Code Pong

  • Learn how to set up the Python programming environment
  • Learn VARIABLES so you can bounce the ball around the screen
  • Learn conditional IF-THEN statements for collision detection!
  • Learn how to use a WHILE loop the game loop.
  • Learn True/False boolean variables
  • Learn Keyboard Events for user input

Week 2: Code Breakout

  • Learn LISTS to keep groups of numbers
  • Use FOR loops to count items
  • Learn to use each item in a list
  • Discover FUNCTIONS and code reuse
  • Learn to pass variables using PARAMETERS
  • Learn OBJECTS and how to use dot notation


  • Advanced work with OBJECTS (the key to great coding)
  • Learn the easy way to code GRAVITY
  • Work with GRAPHICS and SPRITE objects
  • Incorporate SOUND EFFECTS 
  • Take advantage of OBJECTS to represent the bird and the pipes
  • Add object-based TEXT BOXES to your game

Mr. Wagner's Coding Secrets

  • Getting into the CODING MINDSET
  • How to DEBUG code using multiple techniques
  • How to install and use a professional Integrated Development Environment (IDE) 
  • How to INSTALL Python and Pygame
  • Using pre-made code LIBRARIES
  • Python coding RESOURCES online
  • How to code PYTHON on your SmartPhone

Hear what my STUDENTS have to say

Paul B.

"I started learning Python through other online courses, but found them boring as they only provided basic 'Hello World' examples. With Coding with Mr. Wagner, I could learn new capabilities like PyGame library and create interactive projects. Mr. Wagner breaks down the game creation process into bite-sized pieces, making it less overwhelming. He is entertaining and shows his debugging process, which I found helpful. His lessons left me wanting to learn more. I recommend Coding with Mr. Wagner for new programmers looking to create fun projects in Python."

DelWayne M.

"My son and I enjoy every bit of this training. I know a little basic and understand what is going on now. My son loves it and thinks about creating a gaming application himself. This is something that more than developing a game but more expanding the love of programming. Thank you, Mr Wagner."




Samantha L.

"I tried learning computer programming using another online course.  They had me practicing for loops and if statements and that was boring.  I just wanted to get to doing something real.  I found Mr. Wagner's site and got Pong and Breakout working.  I am planning on making a PacMan clone soon using what I learned so far."




Enroll in Three Week Python Coding TODAY!

What's Included

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Guarantee?

Absolutely. I have a 14-day money-back guarantee! If you aren't satisfied for any reason at all you can ask for your money back in full within 14 days of the purchase. 

If you decide to want your money back just shoot me an email [email protected].


Time is running out!

If you keep doing nothing, you'll end up exactly where you are right now, with no progress or growth. Do you really want that? Or do you want to be in a much better place in just one year? Imagine yourself having developed three impressive computer games, with all the knowledge and confidence you gained from your new coding skills. It's up to you to make it happen! Don't wait any longer, go out there and get it!

Enroll in Three Week Python Coding TODAY!

Meet Mr. Wagner


With over 40 years of coding experience, I am a true coding veteran. I have been coding since the days of Applesoft Basic on an Apple ][ computer and have been a professional freelance coder for more than 30 years. My undergraduate and master's degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Vanderbilt University Georgia Tech have enabled me to teach coding to more than 500 students. I have taught beginner classes all the way through AP Computer Science Principles and AP Computer Science A, in Java, as well as robotics, electronics, and engineering design principles to both kids and adults. I am passionate about helping others learn to code and develop their skills in the ever-evolving world of technology.

Enroll in Three Week Python Coding TODAY!

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